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Thermo-Auricular therapy

I first discovered Ear Candling when a friend tried it for his increasing deafness from high diving.  He was thrilled with the results so I suggested my husband might like to try it as I was tired of shouting at him.  He agreed, and thoroughly enjoyed the experience, finding it very relaxing.  To his surprise, the tinnitus he had suffered for nearly 60 years quietened down and he had to consciously listen for it.


After his second session he found his eyes were moist.  He had been advised to use artificial tears in 1978 as he did not produce enough of his own. 


The third session resulted in an improvement if his hearing.  He had gradually been becoming deafer over the years.


We were both converted so I decided to discover more.  I am already qualified in Anatomy and Physiology which allowed me to take a course in Thermo-Auricular Therapy which is a post-graduate course for those already qualified in another therapy.  I have since gained the Advanced diploma.  I discovered that this is an absolutely amazing therapy.  Everyone has commented on how relaxed they feel afterwards. 


It can help blocked sinuses, irritations of the ear, headaches, migraines, sore throat, tonsillitis, excessive wax, tinnitus, rhinitis, glue ear, catarrh and mild hearing loss.  In my experience it may even help snoring!


I use the Biosun Hopi Ear candles which are an all natural product made of organic flax which is woven and then steeped in a large vat of honey with herbs.  After several weeks the fabric is removed and dried and the candles are made.  Each is a hollow tube, which when dried, is sprayed with a light coating of pure beeswax.


What happens during a session?


You lie on your side and I examine your ear with an otoscope to determine the general condition of the ear, amount of wax etc.  Then I protect the side of your face with a cloth, light the candle and insert it into your ear and support it there.  There is a red line approximately 3 inches from the end of the candle and my fingers are well below this level so that, at all times, my hand is between you and the flame.  Most people can hear the crackling, rather like that of an open fire.  Usually, there is a feeling of warmth in the ear followed by a mild suction pumping action as the herbal vapour circulates around the ear collecting and removing impurities and deposits.  After both ears are treated, a gentle face massage is performed to the ears and sinus areas, stimulating lymphatic drainage and relaxation.


 How often will I need a treatment?


This depends on the severity of your condition.  As a general rule, the first course of treatment is one session followed by a second one a week later, the third being two weeks after that.  Monthly treatments will usually prevent a recurrence of the complaint and for general healthy maintenance a session every 4-6 months is appropriate. 


I received a phone call from a lady who wanted to book her husband in for his second candling.  She was very excited because she had been able to sleep much better.  I was confused.  I had thought that he came because they were flying off on holiday and he always had pain whilst flying, especially on landing.  Apparently, he was also a snorer and this had improved 80% after just one candling and she couldn’t wait to see what would happen next!  He also had no pain whilst flying.

Thermo-auricular therapy/ Hopi ear candling

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