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About Elaine


I live and work in Poole but enjoy travelling and teaching in the UK and abroad.  I have been working on my own self development since 1976 when I was told I needed a kidney transplant in the foreseeable future.  In 1994, in the week following my 50th birthday, I realised that I was a 'hands on' healer and I have continued to work full time discovering my latent abilities.  It has been very interesting!

I discovered my path was to teach others what I have learned and so I am a full teacher member of the Metamorphic Association as well as being a traditionally trained Reiki Master Teacher who is Recognised by the Complementary Therapists Association/Embody.  My courses and sharings are accredited for Continuing Professional Development.

I also taught clinical Head massage for 6 years to ITEC standards but now only teach how to work on family and friends.


I teach Self development and offer day courses on Therapeutic Sound;  Auras and colours and how to draw an auragraph; and any aspect of development you may wish to explore.  Look under Workshops for more information.


The links to the left list of some of the courses I teach.  For a little information about them just click the link.  Below lists other sites that you may find useful.


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Embody for you

Metamorphic Technique Scotland



Do you want to know more about the auras that surround us,

the meanings of colours and how you can use them

 to enrich your life? 

Learn to feel and maybe even see the aura, and  draw and interpret an auragraph which may help you, on an energetic level, to understand your own or someone else’s strengths and weaknesses.

No artistic ability needed!

SUNDAY  19th June

from 10am-4pm


Elaine Miller has been working for 10 years using sound for self -development and healing.   During this one day workshop we will be exploring the uses of sound for chakra clearing, sound bathing, chanting and healing plus whatever else the group needs.  Each day is different because the individuals attending will have differing needs.  Elaine will also demonstrate how she channels sound by singing people’s songs.  She has found that everyone has a note, a tune or a song which they need at a particular moment and she tunes into these and channels them. 

You do not need to be able to sing!  Just to be willing to have a go and join in the group sound.  Even tone-deaf people have benefited from the day.  We work in a spirit of light heartedness and fun because that is the way to learn and progress. 

Monday 20th June

10am-4pm   Cost £30




Special offer

So many people are experiencing financial difficulties so I am offering a 30 minute taster of Quantum Touch®, Reiki or Metamorphic technique or an Elaine Special (which is a combination of many of my skills that I feel would be appropriate for you) for a special price of £12.  Contact me for more information or to book. elainemiller@talktalk.net   01202 678874.


What's New?


We now hold weekly therapy evenings at my home in Poole with space for 6 clients on a Wednesday evening and twice a month space for 4 clients on a Monday evening.  You receive a one hour session of Reiki, Metamorphic technique or Indian head massage depending who is working with me each evening.  Once a month we have Reflexology available but she has quite a waiting list.


In return we ask for a donation to Julia’s house.  We have raised around £10,000 since we started although records don’t go back the full time and we always aim to raise £2,000 each year.  People sometimes ask how much they should give and we suggest a minimum of £10 for the hour but if your circumstances do not allow for this, a lower donation is acceptable.


Many of the therapists are becoming Police checked in order to work with the children and their families.


Pamper nights


Each month we hold a Pamper night, usually on the second Thursday of the month.  We have 6 therapists who may offer a choice of Back massage, reflexology, Indian head massage, Daoyin Tao (a Chinese shoulder and face massage with specific use of energies), Reiki and Metamorphic technique.  You pay £10 for two 30 minute sessions.


The money was used to help me achieve the target of raising £10,000 for the Metamorphic Association but now that we have done that each session supports a small charity.  There is so much need and we like to help in a small way.

Elaine Miller.co.uk

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